Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering booking on the Pedal Power Galway. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making a booking. By booking the Pedal tour, you agree to the terms and conditions displayed below. These terms and conditions apply to our standard Pedal Power tours as well as those with customised start and finish points. Alternative terms and conditions apply to our commercial hire for promotional and event activities, please contact us for these.

The hirer:
Pedal Power Tours considers the person (yourself) who has booked the Pedal tour to be the hirer and is, therefore, the representative of the group who will board the Pedal Bus. Pedal Power Tours will communicate with yourself directly regarding all arrangements, changes, particulars of the tour and anything else relating to your tour on the Pedal Bus, before, during and after the tour.

The tour:
The Pedal Bus tours described on the website are guidelines and may have to change due to road works, diversions or other reasons relating to health & safety at any time and even during the tour. Pedal Power Tours cannot guarantee the exact route described will be available. Pedal Power Tours always has a selection of good alternative routes in the same locality that can be offered in this event. Pedal Power Tours will endeavor to, but cannot guarantee to be able to make alternative routes at the request of the hirer. Pedal Power Tours may be able to make a customized route available at the time of enquiry, but fees to cover additional delivery and collection costs may be applicable. Additionally, if Pedal Power Tours is able to offer a customised route at the time of enquiry, this may have to change for the same reasons as above for the routes published on our website.

Pedal Power Tours asks that you request your group arrives 15 minutes earlier than the reserved tour time in order to avoid a late start. Pedal Power Tours may not always be able to offer the same full tour if the tour starts later than booked as a result of members of your group arriving late. Any arrival in excess of 45 minutes late may result in the booking being treated as canceled by you.

Decoration and music:
Provided you arrive on time for your booking, Pedal Power Tours will allow you to decorate the Pedal Bus with celebratory material, such as banners or bunting. Any celebratory material should not display anything which could be considered offensive or obscene, nor can it display any political campaign message. Pedal Power Tours can also not allow any commercial logos or advertising of a brand or service on our standard bookings. If you are interested however in using the Pedal Bus for commercial purposes (such as advertising or promotions), just get in touch with us.

Provisional Bookings:
Pedal Power Tours may at its discretion, hold a departure slot provisionally at the time of the enquiry, advising a time period in which you should confirm the booking if you wish to proceed. However, any times held provisionally are made without obligation, and Pedal Power Tours will only consider a booking as confirmed once you have paid a deposit through our website, or confirmed the booking by telephone.

You are responsible for all fees associated with the tour, and we will communicate with yourself in regard to any matters related to your booking. The deposit paid will be deducted from the total hire cost of the Pedal Bus on the day. The remaining balance is payable upon the day. Pedal Power Tours may also subject this to a minimum of 7 paying passengers. If there are less passengers than the minimum, Pedal Power Tours may require you to pay for the minimum amount required. Occasionally, Pedal Power Tours will review its pricing structure, and if the price has changed during a time between you confirming your booking, and you going ahead with your booking, you will pay the lower of the two prices. The remaining balance for the trip can be paid on arrival on the day. Pedal Power Tours can also accept cash in lieu of the remaining balance.

Eligible Passengers:
Each Pedal Bus can carry up to 16 persons excluding the Pedal Bus crew. Every passenger must be over 18. No one will be allowed to board the Pedal Bus who appears to be intoxicated. If you feel there is a risk that some passengers may wish to board the Pedal Bus intoxicated, we advise you to inform them of this or alternatively book for a time when you know this will not be the case. Drinks allowed on board: Alcohol is completely forbidden on board the Pedal Bus with no exceptions.

All bags and handheld items must be stowed inside the Pedal Bus and not worn on your back whilst onboard or traveling. High heels, flip flops, slippers, and any shoe which can easily come loose from the foot are ill-advised. T-shirts or shirt, shorts or trousers and shoes must be worn on board

Safety & Etiquette:
The Pedal Bus has an excellent safety record, and all passengers will be given a comprehensive safety briefing in advance of departure. All passengers will be advised before departure that they ride, board and remain on the Pedal Bus at entirely their own risk to themselves and to their property. Please advise your group of this in advance. Additionally, Pedal Power Tours can not allow anyone to board, or to remain on board, anyone who is acting in a manner likely to cause injury or damage to themselves or any others. Please note that no one who appears intoxicated will be allowed on board. As the Pedal Bus travels outdoors on public roads, Pedal Power Tours cannot allow any behavior onboard which would not be tolerated in a public place. Any behavior which members of the public may view as offensive, obscene or vulgar will cause the tour to terminate immediately.

Accident & Loss:
Pedal Power Tours does not accept any liability for loss, damage, delay, inconvenience or direct or consequential loss, however, caused (except for death or personal injury) unless due to our employees’ negligence.

Adverse Weather:
Pedal Power Tours will check the weather forecast at the start of each day, and if at that point, rain is forecast so, therefore, ponchos can be provided if needed although there is cover already on the Pedal Bus. You are advised to dress appropriately for the weather. If upon arrival, you decide not to go ahead with the trip due to bad weather. If Pedal Power Tours deems the weather to be severe enough that cancellation by yourself is likely, Pedal Power Tours may also get in touch beforehand to offer rescheduling or cancellation at that point.

Data Protection:
Any personal information given to Pedal Power Tours will be used solely for the purpose of communicating with yourself in regards to your booking, as well as processing payment for your booking.

Cancellation Policy:
As soon as you have confirmed your booking by either providing card details for a deposit or booking online through our website, the cancellation fee is the applicable deposit. Only in cases of bad weather as described above, or if Pedal Power Tours is unable to provide the service on the day will a deposit be refunded. If your group fails to meet with the Pedal Power Tours staff within 45 minutes of the time booked we will treat the booking as canceled by you. If you cannot attend your booking, Pedal Power Tours at its discretion may be able to reschedule your booking to a future date. If you have booked a customized Pedal Bus tour where additional delivery and collection fees are due, Pedal Power Tours may still charge the delivery and collection fee if delivery has commenced or finished at the point of cancellation. If in the unlikely event that Pedal Power Tours is unable to provide the Pedal Bus service, you will be informed at the earliest opportunity, and any funds paid to Pedal Power Tours will be refunded at the earliest opportunity. Pedal Power Tours can not be held liable for any other costs incurred by yourself or any third parties as a result of not being able to provide the service.

Force Majeure:
Pedal Power Tours cannot accept liability or pay any compensation for cancellations as a result of Force Majeure. In these terms and conditions, Force Majeure means events such as war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, malicious persons, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, aircraft or aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom, landslide, subsidence, earthquakes, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to lightning, storm, flood, ice, fire, and all similar events outside our control.

Last amendment: August 2019